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The Code of Practice (Download the the full UUK code of practice), Last Update 1st May 2019,  is broken down into sections in general:



 Health and Safety Standards and Procedures

Repair and Maintenance

 Environmental Policy

 Landlord and Tenant Relationship

 Health and Wellbeing

 Ant-social Behaviour

 Code Administration


You can download the the full UUK code of practice here


What is the Code of Practice?


The Codes aim to help those managing student accommodation to identify the key elements of good management practice and encourage the raising of standards in student accommodation. The UUK/GuildHE code was developed specifically for educational establishments.


Each section describes the current standards which the university or college is expected to meet.  Each member is independently audited against the standards every three years. The audit process will include:


• talking to students or student representative bodies;


• inspecting documentary evidence; 


• a physical inspection of a sample of the accommodation, and


• inspecting any formal complaints made by students involving the UUK/GuildHE Code.

An annual report is produced which you can find on the UUK website here.