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How can I use the Code?


UUK Code - How can I use the code? 


It is important that you know what code your accommodation is signed up to. This means that that you can then check about the standards and processes that should be in place in your accommodation. 


You should ensure you are opting for accommodation that is signed up to a code to safeguard you, and ensure you get the best possible accommodation.


The code requires that your accommodation provider makes sure you know about the code, whether this be in the form of websites, posters or other promotional materials. There should always be a clear and easy to locate complaints procedure too.  


In most cases, your accommodation will be well managed and you will enjoy your stay, however there may be times when things go wrong or you are unhappy with your housing.


It is vital this is flagged up through the complaints procedure. This allows providers and those managing the code to monitor the types of problems that are occurring and ensure they are being resolved properly.


Each institution has to make a formal submission of any complaints concerning the code, which have been escalated to the most senior body within the organisation. This will vary across institutions so check out your local complaints procedure or speak to your students’ union or contact NUS - contacts here.